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Expert translation

LINGVANET DOOEL are skilled in expert translations.

When seeking high-quality results, entrusting your translations to translators who work on the improvement of their mother tongue and who have perfect knowledge in the particular field is crucial. 

Depending on the particular field of your text, we shall select a translator for the text who shall have the appropriate experience in that particular field.

In most sectors, the translation requirements have been steadily increasing. Therefore, entrusting such work to a versatile translation agency with solid translation experience and an extensive knowledge of the objective field of the translation is crucial.

What makes LINGVANET different from the others?

Guaranteed quality

Quick, friendly service

Experienced, qualified linguists

Timely delivery

“When we provide our translation services, we adhere to the principles of confidentiality for Your personal data and the data about Your company”.

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Vladimir Zafirovski


Roza Mihajlovska 


Slagjana Serafimova

Law firm

Nikola Dodevski

Law firm