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Academic translation

If you are prepared to study abroad, you will require academic assessments and accreditation services. You can count on our team of translators, which specializes in the education system and can provide authorized translation in all languages.

The academic translations require a highly comprehensive, specialized knowledge in the discussed field, which often requires an expert level of knowledge. As a result, LINGVANET DOOEL exclusively works with translators who provide the necessary expertise in the fields, who have a proficient mastery of the languages.

Regardless of whether you plan to publish your research in an international scientific journal or whether you plan to share your thoughts and ideas with other associates across the world, our primary aim consists of helping you communicate in a clear and efficient manner.

You can convert any academic documents, including certificates, diplomas, transcripts, college applications, tests, research studies, project-documents, immigration documents, scientific papers, discussion documents, papers, textbooks and manuals, theses papers, translation of presentations, dissertations, essay translation etc.

What makes LINGVANET different from the others?

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Experienced, qualified linguists

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“When we provide our translation services, we adhere to the principles of confidentiality for Your personal data and the data about Your company”.

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