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Business translation and interpretation

Let us say that you have just found an ideal partner who shall help you in the establishment of the developing markets themselves.

Your next step entails making sure that both parties are able to communicate and to carry out the project. LINGVANET DOOEL can help you in your integration and in the establishment of this kind of partnership.

Our most experienced translators shall be responsible for the translation. You can translate all of your business documents, regulations and laws, transnational, business activities, compliance and regularity, business insurance, financial, business reports, employment agreements, patents, trademarks, registration documents etc. 

We have professional, qualified, experienced translators who are available for the translation of your documents into all of the main languages of the world. We are here to help you succeed in the global market and we shall provide all authorized translations, ranging from business plans, policies, agreements and annual reports, to websites, marketing materials and corporate correspondence.

What makes LINGVANET different from the others?

Guaranteed quality

Quick, friendly service

Experienced, qualified linguists

Timely delivery

“When we provide our translation services, we adhere to the principles of confidentiality for Your personal data and the data about Your company”.

Some of our clients


Vladimir Zafirovski


Roza Mihajlovska 


Slagjana Serafimova

Law firm

Nikola Dodevski

Law firm