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Court translation and interpretation

We are a team of experienced court translators and we provide translations from all languages.

A court translation entails a translation and a court certification. The translated document shall be certified with the stamp of the court translator, thus guaranteeing the high quality of the translation and the accordance with the original document.

Our court translators have experience in specific fields, such as: Translation of legal documents, personal documents, excerpts from the court register, Translation of declarations, Translation of stock market documents, certificates, various permits, Translation of birth certificates, financial statements, agreements, powers of attorney, documents for import of vehicles etc.

What makes LINGVANET different from the others?

Guaranteed quality

Quick, friendly service

Experienced, qualified linguists

Timely delivery

“When we provide our translation services, we adhere to the principles of confidentiality for Your personal data and the data about Your company”.

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Slagjana Serafimova

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